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Why probiotics

Too clean is a thing


It’s no secret that heavy-duty cleaners are packed with chemicals and hazardous materials. However, you continue to use them because they are aggressive enough to kill off 99.99% of the bacteria in sight. Which, you would assume, is good, right? Wrong.


Good & bad bacteria


For years, we were taught that all bacteria are harmful. Little did we know it can be both good and bad. By using aggressive cleaners that kill off all germs, including friendly bacteria, an ecosystem is completely thrown out of balance. This creates perfect conditions for the spread of bad bacteria, viruses, and even various diseases. So, what’s the alternative? Natural, friendly bacteria-based BioB products.


Creating a clean, safe, and healthy environment


BioB products (including the packaging) are completely natural and science-driven. Powered by prebiotics and probiotics, they ensure restored balance on the surface they’re acting on – whether that would be your skin or your kitchen table. What exactly is the difference between these two? You’re about to find out.


Prebiotics vs Probiotics


In essence, prebiotics and probiotics work together to achieve optimal balance in an ecosystem. However, they work differently. Probiotics are live, friendly bacteria that help fight off the bad bacteria in an ecosystem. Meanwhile, prebiotics act as food for the good bacteria.




Probiotics are found in our BioB Home products.  Instead of killing all germs in sight, these probiotic-powered products release good bacteria onto a surface to compete with and overtake harmful bacteria, gradually restoring the microbiological balance in an ecosystem, which is important for our health. They are effective in removing tough stains and dirt, ensuring flawless results without compromising your health. But the best part is they don’t just clean on a surface level – they restore balance on a deeper level, which conventional chemical cleaners usually can’t do.


BioB Home products are especially recommended for people with allergies and chronic diseases, as the products are made only from natural, raw materials and, when used under normal conditions, do not irritate the respiratory tract and do not harm the skin.


Long-lasting deep cleaning


Chemical-based products work in the beginning but offer no long-term effect. Meanwhile, probiotic-based products keep working for days after usage. When you clean a surface with a probiotic-powered cleaner, you not only wipe off the dirt, but you also release friendly bacteria onto it, which cleans and disinfects at a microscopic level. Thus, our cleaning products not only clean effectively but also fight mould and odours.




Our BioB Baby and BioB Care products are packed with prebiotics – the food for good bacteria. Just like probiotics naturally live in your gut, they live on and in your skin as well. Therefore, by applying prebiotics to the skin, you can help those probiotics thrive, ensuring that your skin is in the right pH to keep its barrier intact and prevent external toxins from passing through it. By enhancing your skin’s microbiome, prebiotics help boost the immune system, prevent inflammation, excessive dryness or oiliness, and thus delay the skin ageing process. Prebiotic body care products are especially suitable for people with chronic diseases who are avoiding chemicals and artificial colors.


For a sustainable future


Prebiotic and probiotic-based products are not only more effective and offer longer-lasting effects, but they are also completely in harmony with nature. While chemical-based products are aggressive and do not break down naturally, causing them to accumulate and pollute our environment, prebiotic and probiotic-based products ensure a sustainable, non-chemical solution to hygiene, odours, and many other problems in homes and our bodies. BioB products are exceptionally gentle on the skin, support a healthy immune system, and restore natural microbalance in the environment around us.


Are you ready to take the next step towards a sustainable future?

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