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BioB Home dishwashing liquid


A nature-based dishwashing liquid that will thoroughly deep-clean your dishes without drying out your hands. Powered by probiotics for longer-lasting germ protection, it helps restore the microbiological balance on surfaces and prevent the growth of resistant bacteria in the most economical and effective ways. Easily breaks down fat and organic dirt on dishes, sinks, and even drainage. A smarter way to wash your dishes.

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Why it’s special

Chemical-based cleaners kill all bacteria in sight – both good and bad – creating perfect conditions for bad bacteria to spread. While the temporary effect of chemical-based cleaners may be appealing, in the long-term this only leads to antibiotic resistance. Probiotic-based products, on the other hand, wipe off the dirt while releasing friendly bacteria onto a surface to clean and disinfect at a microscopic level. These friendly bacteria stay active for days, fighting off bad bacteria, and ultimately ensuring a clean, balanced ecosystem. Our BioB Home Probiotic Dishwashing Liquid is filled with active probiotic ingredients, offering: 


  • Longer-lasting germ protection 
  • Sparkling, thoroughly deep-cleaned dishes 
  • A balanced ecosystem 
  • Prevents the development of resistant bacteria 
  • Breaks down bacteria that cause bad odors 
  • Breaks down fat and dirt in the sink and drainage 
  • Safe to use in private waste water treatment systems
  • Nature-based cleaning solution 
  • Reversing the antibacterial trend 
  • Over 98% naturally-derived ingredients 
  • Vegan formulation 
  • Biodegradable sugarcane packaging 
  • Sustainable 
  • Economical to use 
  • Friendly to the wastewater treatment systems 
  • Formulated for sensitive skin 
  • Ingredients: Purified water, < 5% anionic surfactants, < 5% non-ionic surfactants,
    glycerol, preservative, probiotic bacteria.
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