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BioB Baby 3 in 1 Bundle + Gift
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BioB Baby prebiotic moisturiser – An extra gentle and reliable moisturiser made from simple ingredients to nourish your little one’s delicate skin. Light scents of shea butter and cocoa absorb quickly into the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and sweet. Enriched with natural prebiotics to promote long-term balance in your baby’s protective skin barrier – their microbiome. Specially formulated to soothe sensitive skin prone to dry patches, eczema, and rashes.  

BioB Baby prebiotic shampoo A gentle shampoo specially formulated for the tiniest, most delicate people on earth – babies. Enriched with natural prebiotics, this soothing shampoo will cleanse dirt/impurities and dead, flaky skin from your baby’s scalp while nourishing their protective skin barrier – the microbiome – with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. Made from completely natural ingredients, enjoy sweet vanilla & oatmeal-scented bath time that will leave your baby with soft, silky, and easy-to-comb hair. 

BioB Baby prebiotic wash & bubbles A super mild, sweet-smelling daily wash and bubble bath containing natural prebiotics to nourish your baby’s protective skin barrier – their microbiome. Specially formulated for baby-sensitive skin, this wash will soothe skin prone to dry patches, eczema, and rashes, while hydrating, cleansing, and supporting the skin’s ecosystem. A bubble bath with benefits! Lightly fragranced with sweet vanilla & oatmeal. Soap-free 

FREE GIFT – BioB Home probiotic dishwashing liquid:

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Good to know
Why it’s special

A baby’s skin, also known as the microbiome, naturally has billions of friendly microorganisms called probiotics living in it. For a baby’s skin to be in perfect balance and thriving, these probiotics need to be properly nurtured so they could fight off the bad bacteria naturally. Our BioB Baby products are filled with active prebiotic ingredients that will feed the probiotics found on a baby’s skin. The result?  

  • Balanced skin microbiome 
  • Nourished and hydrated skin 
  • Your baby will naturally fight off bad bacteria 
  • Toxins won’t pass through your baby’s skin 
  • Cuts and cracks on the skin will heal faster 
  • Naturally stronger immune system  
  • Soothing for itchy and irritated skin 
  • Nature-based skincare solution 
  • Reversing the antibacterial trend 
  • Over 98% naturally-derived ingredients 
  • Vegan formulation 
  • Biodegradable sugarcane packaging 
  • Sustainable 
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