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We all know that the excessive use of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance. This means that bacteria that survive antibiotic treatment mutate and become resistant to that type of drug. Therefore, further treatment requires increasing antibiotics until ultimately the bacteria become fully resistant to the antibiotics and the disease can no longer be cured. The result? 


  • Rapidly spreading pathogenic bacteria
  • Posed risk to public health
  • Patients dying from diseases that were previously quite commonly cured


Long story short – antibiotic resistance is currently a global problem that is growing rapidly. 


Is there anything we could do to stop it? Yes, there is.


Studies have shown that probiotics, which have various beneficial properties for the immune system, can be used instead of chemicals to control the spread of pathogenic bacteria on surfaces. Simply put, probiotics are the good bacteria that compete with the harmful bacteria and, under favourable conditions, overcome the bad bacteria in quantity, thus, removing pathogenic bacteria (pushing them off the surface) by natural selection.


Research suggests that the use of probiotics instead of antibiotics may help decrease the rate of the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It’s a natural way to fight off pathogenic bacteria and ensure a healthier planet.


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