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Our story


Our story began a decade ago, back in 2010, when we realized the importance of the balance of bacteria in our lives and decided to step into the world of biotechnology.


Ever since we have been working on bringing this balance to everyone’s home, work, and overall environment. We are a team of dedicated, motivated professionals committed to bringing back natural harmony to our ecosystems.


Developed by highly qualified and competent scientists within well-equipped R&D facilities, BioB products are completely nature-based, allowing you to keep your home and body clean without damaging your health or environment. Forget harmful chemicals when cleaning the house or taking care of your body. We ensure microbiological balance and health for your skin and the environment around you.


BioB products offer natural prebiotic and probiotic-based solutions that don’t disrupt ecosystems. With the help of natural friendly bacteria, you can not only clean on a surface level but restore balance on a deeper level. The result? A safer environment, healthier skin, cleaner air, and improved quality of life.


We started this journey as a small team of professional and passionate people, but now we want to take you along with us.


Join us to make our world greener and healthier. One home at a time.

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